embedded and real time systems training and consultancy

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cutting edge embedded and real time systems training and consultancy. Not only do we aim to provide introductory courses to bring engineers up to speed when embarking on a new project involving technologies they have not used previously e.g. developing embedded sensor and logging applications in C++ using the latest embedded systems IDEs such as those from Keil and IAR, but also advanced courses covering e.g. C++ unit testing for embedded systems application development, or multi-processor application development using NXP mulit-core ARM Cortex M processors.

Software analysis and design is an area we also have expertise in. Including the use of UML based case tools for reverse engineering and refactoring legacy code, use case analysis techniques for embedded systems developers and statechart based techniques for implementing reactive systems

Our instructors have taught courses for a variety of organisations including BAe, MBDA, Qinetiq, Edwards Vacuum, Augsta Westland and Megger. Many of our instructors have PhD degrees in subjects ranging from biochemistry and biophysics, electro neurophysiology , spectroscopy and high energy physics.

This means that we are able to design, implement and deliver hybrid courses combining embedded systems with scientific and engineering disciplines such as spectroscopy, differential scanning analysis, flow injection analysis and other laboratory automation technologies. We can also provide advice and consultancy regarding selection of technologies for use in new projects such as, for example, image processing and robotics for food processing systems development.