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Real Time Embedded Linux C Programming - RT-PREEMPT and Xenomai

Duration: 5 Days

Course Background

This course is aimed at engineers who will be developing embedded Linux application that are subject to a number of performance and real-time constraints such as robotics applications, industrial control systems applications and certain automotive applications. As Linux has evolved so have its potential real time capabilities. For applications that need to satisfy hard real time constraints various approaches such as inclusion of an open-source co-kernel as in Xenomai Cobalt, or hypervisor approaches such as Sysgo's proprietary PikeOS Hypervisor have been developed. This course will concentrate on usuing RT-PREEMPT and Xenomai in real time embedded Linux application development

Intended Audience

This course is intended for experienced C and Linux programmers. It is an advanced course requiring considerable knowledge of embedded Linux, C, multi-tasking and inter-process communications patterns and protocols. Necessary concepts and example code will be introduced so that completion of the various labs (exercises) can be done in a reasonable amount of time, and even where it might be assumed that certain concepts and techniques are already known these will be reviewed where necessary, based on the background and experience of the attendees.

The course can make use of a variety of embedded boards both ARM and Intel based. Mainly the boards used will be Beaglebone Black, Armadeus and the RaspberryPi.

Course Contents